Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Friends. Many of us can't imagine life without them. How would it be like to have no one around you when you really need this special someone? How would it be to not have anyone who you can talk with? who you can unbosom yourself to? have fun with? I've got no freaking idea.

I have this special someone. My best friend. Actually, it's a banch of friends. Best friends. We've all known each other for such a long time. I met one of them back in kindergarden times. Then, another one in first grade of Primary School. Do you know [Scrubs]? If you do, you also know what kind of friendship J.D. and Turk have. We have kinda' same thing with Jake, the one I met in Primary School. I won't reveal any further details because it's just to drastic. Then, another one I met in first grade of Junior High School, Middle School, however you wanna call it. And I came across the last one in first grade of High School. I don't want to reveal the names (apart from Jake's one 'cause I've already done it, sorry Jakie) but they know it's about them anyway, so it's actually unnececary. Thanks guys for being out there when I need you.

They say love is most important thing in life. That's true. Others say having friends is most important thing in life. Same, true. But, in my personal opinion, not having friends is the biggest cruelty that you can experience in your lifetime. It should be like this: you love someone and this someone is also your best friend that you can talk with about anything, anytime whether it's night or day, AM or PM, sunny or rainy. But imagine that something happened in your relationship, something wrong. You don't talk with each other. Don't see each other. You have your 'silent days'. What's then? You need a friend. Your best friend. And there it comes. You don't have him because you thought you got one automatically when you'd gotten involved in the relationship with this someone that you have 'silent days' with at the moment and can't talk to. That's damn interesting. And that is the reason why having friends is more important than being lucky in love. Simple enough.


MyArtInProgress said...

you really do have a gift with words and i hope you continue to write about your life.
usually i don't enjoying reading blogs, but yours has such a captivating style.

true friendship in my opinion is also much greater then being in love.
love is hard to differ from infatuation, while friendship has no boundaries.

Damian said...

very true and well done :)