Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Everyone has some dream, some personal dream. Almost all of them are in some way associated with future. We all think of it. What's gonna happen, what we'll be doing for living. I just wanted to share some of my ideas with you.

In the recent years I had tons of ideas for my future. Do you know 'Nash Bridges' TV series? I got sucked into it years ago and back in that time I wanted to be a cop in SFPD. Then I watched some movie about FBI agent and from then I wanted to be one. In one moment "The OC" drama came into my life and because of it I decided to become a lawyer just like Sandy Cohen, one of the actors playing leading part in the show. After some time I started watching Top Gear automotive show produced by BBC. Try to guess who I wanted to be then... A motoring journalist.

It kept on going and going. Once I've watched something new, I automatically fell in love with it and wanted to become a main character in some way. But this was, it isn't anymore. It was a childhood, play. Right now things have changed. I have two plans for my future.

First I wanna say that I want to make a move. Now I live in Poland. I love my country, its atmosphere, people, way of being. But I feel like I want something new, something not touched by myself for any longer time. Right after my college I want to move to United States and try to start a life out there. You may ask why I want to do this. Well, definitely not because of any financial circumstances. I want to experience on my skin what this 'american way of being' means, I want to put into effect my 'american dream'. Most of my family lives in Massachusetts, one uncle in New Hampshire though, and I'd just like to continue this 'american line' of the family, I'd like to bring my name to USA (all of the family out there is from my mum's side). And also, United States as well as whole North America is a beautiful place, at least in the majority. Beautiful landscapes, open roads, nature. The same things are in Europe but those american are just different. And I want to find out how that difference feels like.

So, speaking of my plans, I have two of them like I've already said. First one is simple. Since I want to be a journalist (but not necessarily motoring one) I've always wanted to live in New York and at least try to get some internship for the good start in New York Times. If this doesn't work out so then I'll try to get a job in WNYC radio station or any other station all over New York metropolitan area. Polish journalism degree, just as any other, is widely recognized and highly valued in United States so I don't think there'll be some huge problem with getting a job. Of cource it's not gonna be easy but it's doable.

Another plan is this beautiful one. It's been my dream for such a long time but I never thought of making it real, even don't know why. A coffee shop. I've always wanted to own a small coffee shop around a corner in some small town. I just find it romantic, don't know why. Have you seen 'Feast Of Love'? A guy playing a leading role out there owns a small coffeehouse on the corner in some small town in Oregon. But it's not like it was that I watched some film and wanted to be just like the main character. I got this idea a long time before watching a movie. Anyway, it looks exactly the same as the one I'd like to have. Just beautiful. There's a small city of Keene in New Hampshire where I'd like to set it up. It's a walking distance from Swanzey where my uncle lives so I won't be completly alone out there. I'd love to rent a house, maybe buy, lease some location on the corner around downtown of Keene and just start. It wouldn't be big. It'd look like this one on the picture. Big windows, a cople of tables with chairs around them, wireless Internet (well, this is XXI century). I would hire two people I guess, maybe even one. I'd love to make a family atmosphere in my coffee shop. I don't want to make some huge money on it, my goal isn't making another Starbucks net. I just want it to be small, I want to have a friendly atmosphere in there, I want everyone to know each other. Just a small friendly coffee shop in a small friendly town. That's it.
But there is one side effect. I won't have my best friends next to me. And that's really hard to shoulder.


MyArtInProgress said...

i find it interesting to think about people wanting to move to america. granted this country is beautiful and many of the people can be just as wonderful. but being from america (texas then new mexico, north carolina, california, and now back to north carolina)
I want to leave, move to another country, africa maybe or australia, really anywhere. Just to experience something that is not the american way of living.
I guess it just goes to show people are always searching, always trying to grow.
The idea of picking up everything and moving somewhere that i know nothing about is invigorating.

Marta said...

Oluś, zrób mi raz tę przyjemność i napisz coś w naszym rodzimym języku. Jestem do niego cholernie przywiązana i uważam, że lepiej się czyta po polsku (może dlatego, że wtedy wszystko rozumiem?;)) Z drugiej strony, pisząc po angielsku, ćwiczysz się - jeśli kiedyś wyjedziesz do NY, nie zapomnij zaprosić NAS WSZYSTKICH (U know;)) na wakacje ;*